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China's IC industry into the merger integration of multiple

      Recently there have been news that China Electronics (CEC) or bid Marvell phone chip business, which stems from the acquisition 年 2006 Marvell chip Intel mobile communications sector. Combined with the recent acquisition of Purple Group Spreadtrum and RDA, Changjiang Electronics Technology bid ChipPAC and other cases of view, IC Chinese industry is entering the stage for the development of merger integration features. Through the integration, in various IC industry chain to form 1-2 large companies truly international competitiveness, significantly enhance the national security level, the domestic IC industry in recent years, may be the main driving force of the merger integration frequent.

     Data tracking
     November 2014 global semiconductor market sales of $ 29.669 billion, an increase of 9.99%, a decline of 0.06%.

     This week hot industry
     TCL announced the acquisition of Palm brand; 12-inch full MacBookAir Secret; Samsung expects fourth-quarter operating profit fell 37%; the world's first super-capacitor column tram put into trial operation: 2014 global semiconductor sales rose 7.9%; Micron first $ 1 billion quarterly net profit up by 180%; six Audi cars push technology voice / navigation / autopilot Almighty; BMW i8 inductive wireless charging will debut CES.

     View next week
     New Year's first week, the electronic sector performance rebound, we are more optimistic about the subsequent large-cap and in line with the trend of industrial upgrading and excellent company. Therefore, we recommend that logic is as follows: 1, the field of security solutions to extend Hikvision, earnings growth will exceed the industry, overseas business will benefit from the "along the way", continued strongly recommended; 2, LED faucet underestimate the value of the field is strongly recommended An optical three new production release performance, IC new business show actual orders, the new foundation and great potential circuit devices; 3, CES exhibition automotive electronics to highlight key recommendation underestimate the value of the capacitor to enhance growth performance of the leading electronic Farah, performance inflection point appeared the Shanghai electric shares and automotive connectors leading Aviation Optical (the company is also in the lowest valuation military unit); 4, integrated national policy to promote, a key recommendation Changjiang Electronics Technology, Huatian Technology, Jing Fang Technology; 5, the electronics industry automation trend is clearly recommended performance and theme coexist Han's Laser, laborers technology; 6,, there is a structural metal cabinet industry opportunities recommend issuance has been EPI precision Council.

     This week Market Review
     CITIC electronic index outperformed the broader market this week, 2.92%, CITIC electronic PE (TTM integral method) is 42.95, compared to last week, rising 1.63.